Chromebooks helping new Canadian students learn at Bishop McNally High School

We spoke to Principal Monique Baker about the impact that Chromebooks can have for ELL students.

WHAT: The funds will be used to offset the cost of Chromebooks and a Chromecart for the exclusive use of our ELL teachers with our ELL classes. Our ELL program includes classes for each of the five levels of ELL, as well as preparatory courses for English, Social Studies, Math and Science, which are designed to prepare immigrant students for the rigours of our high school programs of study.  The Chromebooks will be dedicated for ELL teacher and student use in order to effectively deliver curricula.

WHY: The Fraser Institute ranked Bishop McNally in July 2016 as the 16th fastest improving Alberta High School. We were the only major high school in the top 25. We have a track record of developing innovative practices which enhance teaching and learning. Our ELL students will be challenged and supported with the audio accommodations on all exams in Brightspace, engaging in non-literary projects such as Google Tour Builder and Wordle and having easy access to translation tools and books online. Creative uses include using Google Forms as worksheets, self-assessments, exam reviews, as well as formative assessments. Teachers are able to easily view student responses in a spreadsheet and address misunderstandings.


  • “Having the Chromecart changed my life at school because I can go on to research, do work on Google Docs and have easy access to D2L. Also, I can use it translate something that I don’t know in English and watch videos to help understand the new chapter that I’m confused with.” R.M. Gr. 10
  • “The Chromecart has helped all of us as students by making every job that we have to do much easier. It helped us to learn more words and what they mean. Also, the videos have helped all of us to learn more and visualize more.” C.T. Gr. 10
  • “Thank you for the Chromecart we have been using them a lot. We have been reading and doing presentations and finishing some work for school. (Muchas gracia por las computadoras en emos estado trabajando muy bien con ellas.)” L.E. Gr. 10
  • “It provide students like me a great help in our studies. It helps us in doing our research, made our projects easier and help us to learn in a quick way. It helps us to learn especially when we do interactive reading, which enhances our skills in reading comprehension.” L.S. Gr. 11
  • “Chromebooks are important especially here in school. It is used for important purposes such as research, group projects, translating, etc. Chromebooks really helped me at school as it improves my English skills.” A.F. Gr. 12


  • “The Chromebooks have been a huge asset in my ESL classes. Students have had the opportunity to complete interactive reading activities, collaborate on group projects and use online translations tools and extensions, such as Google Read & Write. The ability to provide audio accommodations while still in class has been amazing. Thank you for your generous donation in supporting our English Language Learners.” Teacher
  • “For our population of newcomer English Language Leaners, the Chromebooks have provided opportunities that are not readily available to them. Many of our students do not have access to computers at home. As well, many of them have limited skills working with D2L, Google resources and even basic computer literacy. The dedicated Chromebooks have been an introduction to technology for many of these students. Besides computer skills, the Chromebooks have provided exceptional academic support. Bishop McNally’s ELL population continues to grow exponentially. More and more students are arriving with limited education, academic and emotional challenges. The Chromebooks provided support in the form of translation and online dictionaries, resources such as Google Read & Write, audio accommodations and so on. The Chromebooks have been widely used by our ESL program teachers to the great benefit of our students.” Teacher


HOW THE CCEF HELPED: The CCEF provided a grant of $6,450 to purchase the Chromebooks and Chromecart. This has positively impacted over 640 ELL students in the school and provided tools to the students that would not be possible without the funding.

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