Donation Information

Our schools are central to our community. Our teachings are central to our faith. Our children are central to our shared future. Our vision is to develop our students into tomorrow’s leaders by enriching the educational experience of students in need. At the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation, we believe each child has a gift and our central job is to provide the platform for that child to succeed today, tomorrow and after graduation. We do this through the provision of funding to offer enhancements which provide the highest return to students, schools and the community.


Please join us in giving our students a brighter future. Your generous donations will go directly to schools and students in need within the Calgary Catholic School District to help fund projects, equipment and activities outside of regular school budgets. The results of grants received are published each January so you may see how your dollars helped students of Calgary Catholic have a more rewarding school experience.

All donations (over $20) are eligible for a charitable tax receipt under the guidelines of Canada Revenue Agency. Numerous payment options are available. We are thankful for contributions made by any means in support of children in Catholic education in Calgary. Some donors may consider their giving options in order to maximize their ability to support our students. Here are a few examples:

One-Time Gift
Making a one-time gift to the CCEF sustains our ability to enhance the education system, and will be used to target programs and projects within the district. Numerous payment options are available to easily facilitate your one-time donation, including cash, cheque, credit card, and stock transfers, or using the ‘Donate Now’ button on our website.

Charity Match
You may name CCEF as your chosen charity for the charity match program at your place of employment.

Pledges or Multi-Year Giving
Multi-year pledges may be fulfilled over two, three, four, and five year increments. Giving is easy, and a great way to maximize your support for Catholic education. Annually, you receive a pledge reminder with payment options. Simply complete the pledge plan on the gift form and you will be recognized for the full amount of your giving over the pledge period (unless you choose to remain anonymous).

Contributions are tax deductible based on the annual amount of the gift. Tax receipts are provided after each instalment is fulfilled.

Catholic Education Sunday
You may use the envelopes in your parish during the Catholic Education Sunday special collection in early November.

Charitable Bequest
A charitable bequest is a distribution from your estate to the CCEF through your last will and testament.

Calgary Catholic Education Foundation Gift Form