New Tools Help Engage Student Learning at St. Basil School

We spoke to Principal Tony Dal Cin about the impact of incorporating new Maker Space items.

WHAT: The funds provided by the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation (CCEF) grant led to the purchase of four Maker Space items: Play Osmo, Coding: Dash and Dot, Bee Bots Numeracy and Literacy and Circuits: Little Bits. Adding these items to our Learning Commons has led to the formation of a Maker Space Club, where students are free to be creative with the items. Teachers have also embraced them in their classrooms, which has allowed students an opportunity to learn through new mediums. Based on the success of these items, the Learning Commons has also added a Lego Wall and will look at continuing to add items in the future for students as they grow as self-directed learners.

WHY: The inclusion of Maker Space items to our ever-growing Learning Commons helped with our goal of creating a collaborative, self-directed learning space. These items, available for classes to use and students who want to join the new Maker Space Club, provide students the opportunity for student-centered learning, engagement and achievement.


  • “Students are engaged in a different way than in the classroom. The level of cooperation and teamwork is amazing to see in people so young. Maker Space gives students the opportunity to explore engineering and mechanics in a way that cannot be met in a traditional classroom setting.” – Mrs. Helena Wojtkiw, Grade 2 TeacherSTUDENT FEEDBACK:
  • “Maker Space is building and programming and working with bits and pieces. We have robots and circuits and iPads that we use to program some of our robots. We’ve learned by doing this, and by working with each other to figure out how machines work.”- Grade 4 student and Maker Space Club Member, Anneke G.


HOW THE CCEF HELPED: The CCEF grant for $3,200 allowed us to purchase four new Maker Space items, which are available to all 860 students, as well as our Learning Commons Librarian, Maker Space Club teachers, and any teachers interested in using Maker Space items in their class. It has been great to see the positive impact these Maker Space items have had on the students, as they engaged in self-directed learning opportunities. Thank you for providing the funds for us to purchase these items.

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