Calgary Catholic Education Foundation
Calgary Catholic Education Foundation

Statement of Support

The Calgary Catholic Education Foundation (CCEF) is deeply saddened by the tragic discovery at Kamloops Residential School. We join Indigenous communities and other Canadians who are heartbroken by this horrendous revelation.

As Catholics, we are deeply sorry for the residential school movement of the past and the ongoing intergenerational impact it has had on Indigenous communities. Senator Murray Sinclair once said that, “education is the key to reconciliation” and as an education foundation, we believe we have a critical role to play to support the work needed to achieve reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

We will continue to support and encourage projects in the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) dedicated to advancing Indigenous initiatives and awareness within the CCSD.

The best way that the CCEF can honor the lost children and the surviving children of the residential school movement is to provide opportunities that give every child the ability to achieve their potential.