Our Lady of Grace and Open Minds

Our Lady of Grace students attend Museum and Stampede School

Thanks to funding from the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation(CCEF), Grade 1 students were able to attend Calgary Campus’/Open Minds’ Museum and Stampede schools.

 Project goals

Our Lady of Grace applied for a CCEF grant for four Grade 1 classes to experience new ways of learning. Students were able to sketch ancient artifacts, learn about the past and develop an understanding of how the past influences the future.

How did this funding impact the school?
Students were given Museokits—packages filled with ancient artifacts—to learn about the history of each artifact, sketch them and determine how they’ve evolved in today’s world.


“The experience was educational and fun for our students, parents and me staff. It has changed the way I teach, it gave me motivation and the desire to learn more and to teach using object-based learning. I would love to be involved in Open Minds again with my students.” — Mrs. Wuerth, Grade 1 teacher

“Taking part in Stampede School and the Open Minds process has been a wonderful experience. This was my first year participating in an Open Minds program and I feel I have learned and grown so much as a teacher.”

— Mrs. Priolo, Grade 1 teacher

“The experience at Open Minds has been the highlight of my teaching career. I was amazed at how well students approached object-based learning during the school year. Seeing them shine during museum week was spectacular.”

— Mrs. Tobias McGuire, Grade 1 teacher

“What an amazing day at Glenbow. I loved the interactive hoop dancing. All the kids were so engaged. I think free/choice time for the sketching enhances their personal enjoyment of the program.”

— Tara Skoby, Parent

“The first day of museum week was amazing! There were so many exhibits that were very interesting, but I think the program facilitator was the highlight of the day. Marnie is amazing and always got the students and myself engaged. I wish I could be here longer. What an excellent program!”

— Janice Ortega, Parent