Calgary Catholic Education Foundation
Calgary Catholic Education Foundation

2022 Cash Raffle

Support the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation with its biennial CASH raffle. Win up to $30,000 in CASH prizes!

Thank you for supporting our Cash Raffle!

All monies raised through the raffle support enhanced learning opportunities right here in our Catholic community.

The CCEF provides grants to schools and classrooms in the 117 schools and over 57,000 students in the Calgary Catholic School District.

Thank you for believing in Catholic Education!


Early Bird Draw # 1: $2,500
Winning Ticket 13231 – Brenda K.

Early Bird Draw # 2: $2,500
Winning Ticket 6410 – Chris W.

Grand Prize Draw #1: $10,000
Winning Ticket 8625 – Alfie R.

Grand Prize Draw # 2: $15,000
Winning Ticket 26819 – Zenaida C.
50/50 Winning Ticket 3158 – Bree-Anna S.