St. Benedict Embraces Faith and New Technology

St. Benedict School received funding toward their very own Faith Day celebration as well as new technology that supports student learning.

  1. Faith Day
    St. Benedict has embraced their Faith by coming together and celebrating their very own Faith Day. On this day, school administration along with staff from Pulse, offer a full-day retreat for all elementary students to learn and encounter Jesus. St. Benedict’s Faith Day is a school-wide celebration of prayer and song. The day offers sessions for students to share stories about Jesus, to talk about how he is present in their day to day lives and to learn from the lessons he has taught us.
  2. Apple TVs
    St. Benedict is always looking for ways to provide students with technology that supports their learning. Thanks to a recent grant from the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation, the school is in the process of installing Apple TVs in their classrooms. This technology allows students to fully utilize their Apple products and encourages students to become engaged with the curriculum they are learning.

How did this funding impact the school?
St. Benedict ensures that students are exposed to different forms of learning so that they remain engaged. Both Faith Day and the installation of new technology throughout the school has created an active involvement in learning. It has improved the interest and motivation to learn and has provided students with experiences that are not typically available for all students.

“Thank you! I love my Apple TV because it offers me more options regarding educational apps that are available to educators. Along with the iPads, the Apple TV allows my students can connect seamlessly in real time; therefore, its’ wireless connectivity means less time trying to figure out why images or videos are not projecting and more time to showcase student work. This new technology allows me to mirror the iPad onto the TV screen; therefore, I can easily project any work that I want my students to observe and learn from.” – St. Benedict teacher

“My children enjoyed the day thoroughly. Thank you for organizing Pulse because my children talked about what a great day they had. It is extremely gratifying to know that schools are taking the time to celebrate our faith in ways that make students excited about attending a Catholic school. “- St. Benedict parent