St. Jean Brebeuf invests in tech thanks to CCEF

St. Jean Brebeuf supports student-centred learning and engagement by investing in technology.

What was the goal for this project?

St. Jean Brebeuf applied for a grant from the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation (CCEF) so they could purchase the tech tools they needed to help support student-centred learning and engagement. These tools include a GreenScreen, iPad stands, tech tubs and iPad covers.

How did this funding impact the school?
These tools are now being used as part of school activities and help students share their creativity and understanding of all subjects.

For example, students had the opportunity to create video commercials as part of their Social Studies 9 class and were also able to create informational videos that were used to update the school community on upcoming events and engagements.


Collaboration, creativity and communication are important skills that we strive to develop within our students here at St. Jean Brebeuf. As a language arts teacher, my students and I are always examining and striving towards effective and creative communication of ideas. While digital technologies are not necessarily essential to work on these skills, having access to iPads and the GreenScreens invites opportunities to communicate in different ways.” – Jessica Pia, Language Arts Teacher

As a Learning Commons Librarian, I strive to provide our students with the ability to creatively collaborate using many resources. One of our main resources that has provided students with the ability to share ideas and create projects are the iPads. When they use iMovie and Touch Cast (both applications provided on the iPads) students have been able to enhance their learning and create imaginative videos related to both curriculum outcomes as well as extracurricular activities.” – Deanne Franssen, Learning Commons Librarian