What We Do

The Calgary Catholic Education Foundation (CCEF) strives to provide students with opportunities for excellence, regardless of socio-economic circumstances. The CCEF believes all children deserve the chance not only to succeed, but to excel. In the spirit of social justice, your donation will ensure that where schools and parents are unable to effectively meet these needs and opportunities, students need not fall behind their peers.

Many of our schools are defined by their artistic and athletic programming. With community support we can ensure that we are prepared to assist our schools in maintaining these vital activities.

Academic enrichment opportunities are also important to the overall education experience of students. Each field trip, computer, new software or library book ensures the student experience offers the real life opportunities required to learn to the fullest potential and to spark a life-long love of education.

The CCEF recognizes that leaders spring from every walk of life and all of our communities. We think of leadership in the broadest sense – the ability to influence the world around you through your skills and sharing your gifts. We will support events and experiences that recognize and enhance the leadership skills in our children.

Our goal is to ensure the continued growth and competitive success of the Catholic education system in Calgary. By challenging our students and providing these enrichment opportunities, our schools will continue to be a source of tomorrow’s leaders.