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St. Kateri Tekakwitha and St. Angela Workplace schools provide meals to children in need

Both schools serve students in Calgary’s NE and are vibrant communities of caring. In the past two years, an increasing number of students were facing food insecurities at their schools right here in Calgary. These students would be worried about their next meal when schools were closed be it for the weekend, holidays or even a professional development day. The schools approached the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation for grants to establish a school pantry that students could access to ensure they didn’t face hunger. The CCEF provided money to establish these school pantries with fridges and freezers as well as storage containers. The schools also partnered with local businesses to supply the pantry items. To keep programs like this alive we need your support.No child should have to worry about where their next meal will come from, your donations will ensure they won’t.

Where will the Children Play?

Support needed to replace Catholic school playgrounds in ageing Calgary neighbourhoods

Who doesn’t love hearing the sounds of children playing in a park or playground?
It’s an integral part of growing up, and schools are often the heart of the community. But in ageing communities such as Beddington, it becomes more challenging to replace a playground that is past its safety age.  It can take up to five years in some communities to raise enough money to replace a playground structure that can be upwards of $250,000. When Catholic school playgrounds are being replaced, the CCEF steps in as a funding partner to help bridge the economic disparity. Support is urgently needed to ensure that children of Catholic schools in Calgary have a safe place to play.

St. Mary’s University Student Emergency Bursary Fund

Just as your family and community have felt the changes and uncertainties during this unprecedented time, St. Mary’s has made challenging decisions in response to COVID-19. These decisions have had a widespread effect on our lives and especially on the lives of our students. The impact these profoundly challenging times have had on our students, both financially and emotionally, cannot be understated.
Many students had unexpected travel costs, limited opportunities to work and earn funds for daily living costs, and/or decreased funding available for basic resources. The future is starting to hold many uncertainties and it is anticipated the need for financial aid to be higher this year than in previous years.
To help students during this difficult time, St. Mary’s University has established the Student Emergency Bursary Fund. This fund is a financial lifeline for students in crisis and is particularly impactful now as students’ lives are disrupted and we seek to support them in every possible way.
Please consider making a donation to support St. Mary’s students’ needs so they will not have to sacrifice their academic studies. Your gift will give hope and relief to students and help them navigate this situation.

Change a local child's future.