Calgary Catholic Education Foundation

St. Kateri Tekakwitha Nutritional Equity Program

This project will impact our school by affecting not just the students in need, but also their families and the community surrounding them. Many of our students experience food insecurity at home. We access the Brown Bag program in order to be able to provide lunches for our students in need and we often provide breakfast for those students, however, many of our families are not able to provide a sufficient amount of nutritious food at home. Some of our students worry about days when they don't have school such as holidays and long weekends because they may not have access to food at home as they do at school. This program is innovative in that we will be able to offer our families support in an independent way, as they will be able to serve meals at home under their own control and will be able to send lunches which they have created from their own food in their own kitchens, thereby preserving their dignity and independence. As well, our grade 5 and 6 students will work in the program to help store and organize the food. This will give our students exposure to the programs accessible to people in need and will build an awareness and compassion for people who are less fortunate than they are. As well, this program will help students to develop their God-given talents in service to others.