Calgary Catholic Education Foundation
Calgary Catholic Education Foundation

Grand Total


For the 2019/2020 school year, the CCEF awarded $162,000 in grants to 64 schools in the Calgary Catholic School District.  


Apostles of Jesus School  Calgary Campus/Open Minds $3,750.00
Ascension of Our Lord Technology for Learning Commons and Makerspace $2,000.00
Bishop Carroll Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
Bishop Kidd Coding Challenge $2,945.60
S. John Henry Newman Playground $2,000.00
S. John Henry Newman Indigenous Culture Day $2,000.00
Christ the King School Christ the King 10th Anniversary Technology Update $2,000.00
Corpus Christi Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
Corpus Christi Corpus Christi School Preparing All Students for the Future $5,988.00
Divine Mercy Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
Father Lacombe High School Technology - Electrical board for Automotives Program $1,976.00
Father Scollen School Calgary Campus/Open Minds $7,500.00
Father Scollen School Literacy and Numeracy Learning Through Technology $2,577.40
High School Social Justice Summit District Wide $2,000.00
Holy Child School Sound Kreations Dance Residency $2,832.50
Holy Trinity Technology in the classroom $2,945.60
John Costello School Playground $2,000.00
John Costello School  Quest Theatre $4,500.00
Light of Christ Calgary Campus/Open Minds $3,750.00
Light of Christ Extending the Classroom- The Learning Commons Project $2,945.60
Monsignor Neville Anderson LOFT Technology $2,000.00
Our Lady of Grace Makerspace $2,000.00
Our Lady of Peace Playground $2,000.00
Our Lady of the Assumption  Quest theatre - Artist in residency $4,000.00
Our Lady of Wisdom Calgary Campus/Open Minds $2,500.00
Our Lady of Wisdom One Book Two Schools - Me To We (CCC Project) $4,000.00
Sacred Heart Legends - From Stories to Understanding by Trickster Theater Residency $2,494.00
St. Alphonsus Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St Basil School St Basil Friendship Garden $2,580.00
St. Alphonsus Technology and Information $2,706.27
St. Andrew Wild Mint Arts - Hoop Dance Residency $1,000.00
St. Anthony  Music Therapy  $3,825.00
St. Basil Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St. Bernadette School  St. Bernadette STE(A)M  $4,624.92
St. Bonaventure School Sublimation and vinyl cutting, CTF $4,000.00
St. Cyril Playground $2,000.00
St. Damien Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St. Gerard STEAMing Ahead $2,000.00
St. Jean Brebeuf School Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St. John Paul II Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St. John XXIII School Calgary Campus/Open Minds $2,500.00
St. John XXIII School STEM BrickLAB Adventure $5,922.88
St. Joseph  St. Joseph Learning Commons Technology Update  $2,950.00
St. Joseph School Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St. Jude Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St. Jude Playground Games $700.00
St. Kateri Tekakwitha School St. Kateri Tekakwitha Nutritional Equity Program $1,277.00
St. Mark Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St. Mark Active Living Through Healthy Living Initiatives $2,346.75
St. Martin de Porres High School SMDP Smart (& Portable) Hydroponics Project $2,945.60
St. Matthew School Improve CTF Option Courses $2,400.00
St. Michael School "Social Justice League" - championing feelings of safety value and connectedness $1,569.00
St. Philip School Calgary Campus/Open Minds $2,500.00
St. Pius X School Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St. Rita Calgary Campus/Open Minds $1,250.00
St. Rita Literacy Learning Flexible Groupings $4,749.00
St. Rupert School Technology Replacement Project $2,945.60
St. Sylvester School Technology Enhancement at St. Sylvester $2,000.00
St. Teresa of Calcutta One World Drumming Residency $2,855.00
St. Thomas Aquinas Playground $2,000.00
St. Thomas More St. Thomas More-Diverse Learning $3,682.00
St. Timothy Junior/Senior High School Assistive Technology for Diverse Learners $2,000.00
St. Vincent de Paul Imagine Language and Literacy Program $2,000.00
St. Wilfrid Digital Devices for Digital Learners  $2,945.60